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From time to time we receive letters and emails from our customers about there experiences with our products, we at Smoke Anywhere for Penny's, LLC, would like to share them with you.


Just wanted to say thank you to Penny for excellent service and for providing a product that will hopefully save many lives. I am new to this, only about two weeks into using the ego ce4 clearomizer, but I already love it. Jill is giving you lots of props on facebook and she's the reason I decided to convert from cigarettes to your products.  I can't say enough good things about my experience so far. My dad, ordered the first ones for me out of his concern for my smoking habit. You've made he and I happy to report that I am 7 days without the need or desire for a regular cigarette.  Thank you Penny and team!! 

Amy R., Georgia


First, I am now two months smoke free, with thanks to ya'll. Your products are the best of the best and the way you treat people is outstanding.

I have given your web site address and contact numbers to people as close as neighbors and as far as Bar Harbor Maine. Must be at least 30 plus folks wondering what that thing is sticking out of my mouth!

I wish you would just open a store up here already. It's a win for sure especially with my big mouth promoting you guys.

Thank you again for probably adding years to my life.

I'll be stopping in to see you sometime in October when I fly down for a visit. In the meantime, I wish you continued success and a lifetime of our friendship.


June R. New Jersey


Thanks to everyone who’s helping me and my wife quit smoking cigarettes.  I bought an e-Vic for myself and loved it, my wife started using it and loved the flavors.  Before I knew it she was stealing my vape so she could use it.  When I got her one there was a slight defect in the display, so I brought it back in to the store to exchange it for a new one.  Without any problems it was replaced for me with a brand new one.   We both love e-cigs now and are not smoking anymore.

Thanks again,

John and Mandi Charlotte, NC


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. The fastest shipping and best prices of any company I have purchased from. I love my new vmax mini. I received it the very next business day after ordering in California. I highly recommend this company and will be purchasing more products in the future. Thank you.

Anonymous California


I have been a smoker for 26 years,I had started at the early age of 14, and now I am 39. I was desperate to quit, and with little to no willpower, I was fighting a losing battle. I am glad to say I discovered vaping and I have been excited and happy ever since. I love your selection Penny and I love your e-liquids, the jolly Roger blue raspberry has me hooked , and it's an addiction that I am happy to have! I also wanted to say that your prices are amazing and that I can't believe that you stay in business. Thank you so much Penny.


Roger S. Columbus, Ohio


Penny, your snail-mail follow-up is a very nice marketing touch. But what I want to thank you for is the opportunity to feed my tobacco habit without damaging my body any further than I have for the past 50 years. I've quit smoking several times only to fall back into smoking. Your e-cig product gives me the best of both worlds, so thank you for that.

With best wishes,

Peter Crestview, Florida


Hi Penny! I received your Ry4 and I want to thank you it was very good! I posted a review on your web site, see below. As soon as I receive all of my samples I will start on the forum, as soon as I am finished I will send you the link!


Wow! You won't be disappointed with this Ry4! Smooth mellow and almost buttery. The vanella and caramel are light and mildly sweet with a nice tobacco undertone that has a great throat hit.

Perfect for an all day vape!

Customer service is terrific and shipping is super fast!!

Thanks again!

Stefanie Natoli Toms River, NJ


Just a quick note Penny to thank you for a few of the good things happing around MY house ! My wife got started vaping about a year ago and hasn't touched a real cigarette since . I'm proud of her . In fact , I tried her " set-up " and decided to try it myself. I was a pretty hard core smoker ( Swisher Sweets Little Cigars ) . It took me awhile to find the right flavor ( RED HOT ) and I , myself haven't touched a smoke in about 2 months now . Hey , I can breathe again ! Thanks for the speedy shipping ( saved my arse several times from lighting up ) and the wonderful customer service . ALL of my orders have been filled and shipped as if I were your only customer - THANKS !
I'll be ordering a kit soon for my brother as he will be visiting for about a month . He will be the next convert ! !
Keep up the good work Darlin' and I'm looking forward to visiting the new store SOON !

M. Houston Charlotte, NC


I have never met two people who are so dedicated to helping people kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. I have been smoking for over 40 years and I have tried numerous times to quit but have never been successful. I have tried hypnosis, cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, Chantix, Wellbuton and yes even the e-cigarettes but with no luck. The e-cigarettes that I tried didn't give me the same satisfaction as cigarettes.

A friend at work gave me Penny's web site because I noticed that when she was using her Shamrock Special and I also noticed she wasn't having to fight to get a vapor like I had to when I tried the electronic cigarette. I went home and checked out your awesome web site but boy was I ever in over my head. So not knowing what to order I called and I got the pleasure of speaking to Tommy. He helped me out so much on that phone call. I have the advantage of living and working in the same area so I placed my order and I picked it up the same day. When I went to pick it up Tommy came out and showed me everything I needed to know on how to fill my tank and take care of my unit. I knew I was in good hands the minute I met Tommy. I took it home and did what Tommy showed me and I think I may have smoked a few cigarettes in the first couple of days but I didn't enjoy the cigarette. I loved the Red Hot. It gave me what no other e-cigarette gave me, that little burn that I would get when I smoked cigarettes. I can honestly say I have smoked a cigarette in almost 2 months now.

I had the pleasure of going into their new shop today to pick up my new eGo-CE4 today along with a few e-liquids. I also had the pleasure of meeting Penny for the first time today. She is such a joy to be around.

Tommy & Penny you have a customer for life and I feel I have made two new friends for life. I am trying to intoduce vaping to all of my smoking friends and family. If I can quit smoking after all these years they can too! You guys are the real deal, you can tell that you both love people and care about them. Keep up the great work. God bless you both.

Customer For Life
Betsy aka Mary Horne, Charlotte, North Carolina


I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I'm extremely satisfied with the level of service I've been receiving. I've had pizza orders that have taken longer to arrive.

I'm new to vaping and also like to tinker and experiment. This has become more of a hobby than a habit, and your selection, service, and pricing just add to the enjoyment of my vaping experience.

As I work to get my friends and family who smoke to make the switch to vaping, I'll certainly send them your way.

Thanks again for excellent service.

James Beebe Terre Haute, Indiana


Hi Penny,

We received our latest order today, which included the Penny Girl Light and Penny Girl Ultra Light juices. They are awesome! The best e-juice we have tried yet! Great taste and lots of smoke too! Just what we were looking for! I also just wanted to thank you for helping us find the right batteries and cartimizers. I cant tell you how much money we have wasted prior to finding your store and speaking to you!

We are extremely satisfied with EVERYTHING we have purchased from you! Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge and time with us! I just wish more business owners were more like you. I have never received such awesome customer Service anywhere! Smoke Anywhere for Pennys will be the ONLY place we shop or all of our vaping needs! Thanks Again!
Shellie & Tim Meehan Hobe Sound, Florida


Penny!! Oh my gosh, I just spoke with you on the phone yesterday at Noon, and got home from work today to find my shipment from you in my mailbox already! I am vaping as I type -- it was so easy to fill the clearomizer and start vaping. I gave up tobacco in May 2011, and I don't even want to think about how much money I've wasted on the electronic cigs and replacement cartridges at convenience stores. I am so glad I finally ordered a REAL e-cig and can vape the proper way now -- FOR PENNIES! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me sort through the confusion, and for your excellent customer service, advice and super fast shipping! You now have a new loyal customer and I will spread the word to all my vaping friends. And by the way, the Blackberry-Cotton Candy juice is YUMMY!!

Lynn Nichols Iron Station, North Carolina


Hi, Penny, Lisa and staff, you guys are just wonderful to do business with. Penny, you're heaven sent and I want you to know how grateful I am for all you've done for me. I stopped counting but it's been about 6 months or so since I had a "what's that called". I'm amazed that I have not cheated, nor have I had a single desire to. I'm certain the quality of your products are the causing factor. I feel blessed... sooooo lucky to have found you.

Yours exclusively,

Ed Potter Jamaica, New York


Thank you so much Tommy for being available to help me with the Cupid's Revenge. I really appreciate your customer service, the world needs more people like you. Thank you Penny for your time, recommendations, instructions & samples. God bless you both. Have a God blessed day.


Kathy Smith Perry, Michigan


Hi I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great company to deal with. I haven't smoked an actual cigarette for 2 weeks now. Not even a single cheat. I have already had a bad experience with other company's and bad equipment for my ego. I must say that everything I have ordered from you guys has been fantastic and and arrived very quickly. I have learned that when you have a good experience with a company WHY would you shop anywhere else?!? Lesson learned. My buddy turned me onto you guys and now I will only order from you all. My wife owns a retail business and I am dealing with customer service everyday. So I know what it means to have great customer service. Keep up the good work and I look forward to our dealings in the future!

Erik Tighe Timonium Maryland


I order exclusively from Penny's now, but I used to order most of my vaping gear from another vendor and I have never had problems with them. One day I stumbled upon SAFP while surfing the web. I said to myself, "what the hell, let me try them", and placed an order with Penny and everything went well. That was 3 months ago.

If I never had problems with the other vendor, why do I now order exclusively from Penny's you say? One word: SINCERE.

I have never spoken with Penny in person, yet, but when I receive reply's for my inquiry through e-mail, as well as the personal hand written notes on my invoice, you can feel how caring and sincere she is with her customers. That is what makes a difference, a very big difference.

I know you've heard things like this a million times on other vendor's site reviews, but don't take my word for it, just e-mail her or even call and speak to her, and you will know what I mean.

Thanks for always being caring and sincere Penny, you are AWESOME!!

Go Tanabe - From the Pacific Island of Guam


Michelle Hope Maynard referred me, she has been 100 percent successful in quitting smoking, and it has made me hopeful Travis will have the same results. Thank you :)

Diane Johnston, CA for Travis Lane, NC


I am so grateful to have found Penny from SmokeForPennys. She took the time to explain everything I needed to know to start vaping. Do not hesitate to call her for help. When you call the number on the site, you will get her every time! The only thing that can compare to the customer service, is the Pear liquid she sells!

C. Cutlip Charlotte, NC


Awesome customer service, fast shipping and excellent products! Thank you Penny!!

Joy S. Prosperity, SC


I have never felt like someone from any company really cared about their customers until I spoke with Penny. She talked me through my order from start to finish. I am a customer for life. Thanks, Penny. I am off to place another order now!

Eleanor W. Denver, NC


Thank you Penny, for being such a good sales person. I see my order shall be delivered tomorrow. It is good to know of such a very fine person that is in business. You are one of a kind, and always please stay that way.



Dear Penny Angel. What a joy you are and what a wonderful surprise you sent me. The 2 chargers, wall and USB. The battery is beautiful.. I just love it. You have really hooked me up. Love the Carts also. The battery and the dual cart... Gives me a big hit. I am charging my battery now. In an hour or so I will be up and running. I am going to call my girl friend in Texas and see what is going on with her vaping. I will let you know tomorrow what she said. You know if she is still vaping you are referred. Hugs and much love.

Your forever customer

Cindee...again :)


This is by far the best non tobacco flavor Ive ever vaped.Im a long time vaper(since 2005)and Im not one for exotics,however you must try BLUEBERRY/LEMON/COTTON CANDY.Very nice after taste with enough sweetness without going overboard.Im a camel 36mg vaper so you know it has to be good for me to give this flavor such high mark (10 stars).

Jonah Stone - Isle of Palms, SC


I Recently switched from a 510kit to Pennys 510T Mega kit with the 2.5 tank.What a difference!Better battery life and a nice throat hit thats not over powering.Because I carry a small purse the 510T in dazzling purple fits nicely in my EGO hard case(bought from Pennys)and is very compact.Penny was nice enough to help me over the phone and was very helpful.All I can say is great product from a very sweet lady. Thank you Penny I wish you all the best with the best kept secret in town.

Mia Jorden


Penny & Tommy: I want to thank you both for the exceptional customer service you have provided me in reference to order 268. I placed the order Wednesday night and received the order today, Friday, November 18th. I ran out of liquid last night, so the fast and efficient manner in which you processed this order is sincerely appreciated. You will have all my business in the future. Thank you and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.



I have been vaping for a while now and have NEVER had better customer service than I have with Penny and her staff! If you're looking for a great place to shop and save on your vaping supplies, and not have to worry about your purchase, smokeanywhereforpennys.com is the place for you. I will NEVER buy from my old vape site again!

Thank you Penny and staff, you have a new and loyal customer in me!

John - Benton, Arkansas


Penny! Have a MERRY MERRY XMAS. You are one the greatest business owners I've ever come across in my entire history of consumerism. Take care, continue growing your wonderful business. I'm spreading the word as quickly as possible. Thanks for the card and take care. :)



Dear Penny and staff,

I want to thank you again for such great service! You guys are a dying breed in business these days. My parents have owned our print shop for over 30 years and we have seen all types! We have been burned many times by dishonest dealers, both personally and in our business. We have always tried to treat our customers right and make things right no matter what the cost.

My dad, being almost 80 now, remembers when a handshake was all you needed for a man's word to be true. These days, even something written in ink is worthless. So to know there are still people who want to do right by their word is a blessing.

Keep up the honesty and integrity of your business and good things will happen. People are looking for a reliable place to shop and I have found that in you guys! Being burned many times myself, I think I know a thing or two about reliability and honesty!

Thanks a million guys,

John Barbee



I would recommend this site to anyone looking to have an open dialogue and deal with real people who actually care about their customers. I was in a wreck, stuck out of state, and couldn't get to my local retailer who had an order waiting for me. Thankfully that retailer was friend enough to send me to Penny's. Penny walked me through the entire order process over the phone and got me exactly what I needed. Penny let me know about their regular sales (a great deal) and answered my e-mails personally and promptly. I think this has to be the best customer service experience I have ever had! Penny's has another customer for life.

Barton Smith


Penny, Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate it, I truly do. Thank you for allowing me to exchange the Bolt from Gray to Black. Thank you so much. I also want to thank you for the e-liquids. The Red Hots is very good and so is the cotton candy. I wish there was more vendors like you! Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful. The Bolt is working great.

Your very satisfies customer,

Alma Theresa


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