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Clearomizers are one of the greatest additions to the e-cig world as of late. They provide an easy method to fill, monitor and maintain your ecig and liquid levels. Typically this is what we recommend to beginners so that can more easily become accustomed to how electronic cigarettes work, and even for advanced users who are looking to frequently switch flavors.

Disposables are one use clearomizers. You'll use them for 1-3 weeks and then toss them for a brand new one. Rebuildables are the opposite. You may use one for 1-3 weeks, then simply replace the atomizer head in the device and it is good as new!

Warranty and Maintenance

It is important that you maintain a decent level of liquid inside the clearomizer or you will run the risk of burning your wick. Once this happens you will not be able to rid it of that taste and will either need to replace the clearomizer or wick. Rinsing the clearomizer with hot water (rebuildables only) while the wick is NOT in the device is a great way to clean out an old flavor before switching to a new one with a fresh wick.

There is no warranty covering clearomizers, nor are there any returns or exchanges. They are guaranteed to not be DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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