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Cartomizers are a more classic way of vaping, but still to this day cartomizers are one of the most reliable top halves you can purchase. The word cartomizer comes from the terms "cartridge" and "atomizer". Where you typically would have to load an atomizer with a cotton filled cartridge to absorb the liquid, this one is the all in one package, coining the term "Cartomizer".

Cartomizers need to be continually dripped upon in order to make sure that the cotton fillament stays saturated to not burn. Different sizes will accomodate different amounts of liquid (Mega's are larger and hold more liquid compared to its Short and Super Shorty counterparts).

Cartomizers are all disposable, but what makes them so great is that they can run the longest over all other wick systems! A good cartomizer can last you upwards of a month, but we still recommend changing them approximately every two weeks for sanitary reasons. Also, due to the nature of the cotton absorbing all of the flavor, it is recommended and encouraged to swap cartomizers when trying new flavors.

Maintenance and Warranty

There is no warranty covering cartomizers.

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