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Atomizers are the standard top piece to your electronic cigarette. Atomizer have evolved much over the time of electronic cigarettes existance. There are atomizer for all ranges of vapers, from the beginners to the hobbyist/enthusiast.

Disposable atomizers are going to provide a simpler vaping and filling experience than the rebuildables. They are of course used for sometime, then when it is not providing sufficient vape or if it is tasting odd it must be discarded.

Rebuildable atomizers are the opposite. They are designed for more experienced/advanced users who are ready to take vaping to a serious level. They will require you to actually roll and wick your own coils. This method will require atleast basic knowledge of ohms law, resistance, voltage, amperage and understanding how atomizers function in order to do this properly and safely. It seems intimidating, but we have very knowledgeable and experienced staff along side great video tutorials on how to begin vaping rebuildables. For any enthusiast or those looking to break into this as a hobby rather than just a means to quit smoking, these are what we recommend.

Maintenance and Warranty

There are no warranties or replacements on atomizers.

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